Hello my dear.

With the following lines I want to share some tools which are necessary to create a movie. There are five programs you need as a minimum.

1. The Camera
With the camera you record scenes what you want to show in your movie. This is a program and of course not a real camera like a webcam.
I use Bandicam. For me it is the best choice. You can decide to record as avi or mp4 format. Besides the homepage of Bandicam gives a good hardware suppport.

Of course there are some more cameras. For example: Fraps, Nvidia Shadowplay, AMD Game DVR, Radeon Pro and Open Broadcaster Software.

2. Editing Software
An editing program put all your clips together to motion pictures. You can cut each clip at the beginning and the end or where ever you want and melt them together. There you create titles, names of actors, credits and any other information. At the end you have to render your movie. The result is your work. I'm using Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum.

Some of the software I know: Sony Movie Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, Pinnacle Studio, Corel Video Studio, Magix Video Deluxe, Cyberlink PowerDirector, Avid Media Composer.

3. A Converter
This is a simple software that compress your finished film to a lower amount of data. For the cost of quality. Mine is iSkysoft Video Converter. This program has some important options. First, it can put finished different movies to one. Second, it can change your movie to another format.
This software saved "Onyx Blaze". I had trouble with Movie Studio. I couldn't add more clips to the timeline. But friends helped me and gave me hints how to bring the movie to an end. So I render the unfinished movie, start a new timeline where the story goes on. So I had one movie without an end and one movie without a beginning. With iSkysoft I could melt this two movies into one. And it worked.

4. A mp3 Modifier
This is a simple program that can turn your songs on CD to the mp3 format. These mp3 you put on the timeline. Such software you can find everywhere. I'm using Audiograbber.

5. A Picture Editor
Pictures we made all the time. So you should already have one. I use GIMP 2.

Well that's all for now.
Good luck with filming.


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