Sonntag, 12. April 2015

There is one thing I have to share ...

... and this is my impression of the fabulous Spirit Demure-Rust. It was funny how it comes to work together. She was focused, determinded and knows exactly how to capture the pictures. A professional, no doubt.

Spirit took her work for her magazine: The Living End. A vintage magazine with an unique design. More than worth a look or two. Knowing her art I was very honored and happy to pose for her. So let me enchant you with ... what does she said: a foretaste.

Thank you, Spirit for this possibility.


Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

Some pleasure in the afternoon.


One picture was done. My head is full of Ideas for the next two pictures. At home I meet my wife and we chat a little bit, share some kisses and nuzzles. And suddenly I thought, the work won't run away. We have time. Why not use it for some cuddles? Well one thing leads to another. Kiss here, lick there, finger here, tongue over there. Hmm I thing it is better I show you. Enjoy. *smiles*

Wish you a nice day/night and wonderful orgasms.