Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

My very first porn movie!

Hello everybody.

It is finaly done! My first movie "Crystals Facets" is on web and greedy to be watched. Here is the link for.

Crystals Facets powered by XTube

The cast is:

Larry Vinaver
Urmeli Ellisson
Marika Blaisdale

I have to thank all the wonderful people who played in it. The professional Larry. Marika for her spontaneous act. And Urmeli for her Patience with me. Thank you so much!

The concept was quite fast done. First scenes easy shooted. I started shooting the movie on January 7th. and ended at 28th. But it was necessary to shoot some scenes again. I make some faults but could them make better. The biggest Issue was to render the movie and stay under 1GB of data. This made me little sweat. But at last everything was done and I am proud to share the movie with you.
I hope you enjoy it.


Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Margarita Blanco

Hey, this girl is fine. Margarita makes a whole series of pictures with the most people in SL porn. Great idea! And many photos *smiles*. I thought not long what I should wear and contact her. Five minutes later we make the shot. And here it is. Thank you, Margarita to meet you this way.

The original picture:


Isabella Frasao

Let's come to an artist which I encounter shortly after I start with SL porn. Isabella Frasao. I was impressed with how energy this T-girl goes her way. It was interesting to watch how she gets better and better as a photographer. Soon I had the pleasure to work with her. Isabella needed five girls for a single shot and my wife Urmeli and me was two of the choosen.
Thank you Isabella for this shiny shot. Let make it a smile on your face.

The original picture you find here:


Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

Erin Celestalis

Well, well, well.

What can I say about this woman? Oh, it is not like this that I haven't any clue. No, not that. It is more the opposite. This woman is so friendly, so kind, full with humor that can only appreciate her and her company.When you meow here and purrs there, she won't regret this chance to meow and purr with you. So Erin ask Fluffy Ravi to pose for her and hey, no one purrs more then me *giggles*.
And here they are. Thank you Erin for your open mind.

As usual will lead this link to the original:



What are we think when we are talking about angels? A fluffy, naked, naughty and omnipotent Hermaphrodites like me? Well ... close. No, I mean Angel the photographer in SL. When I was posing for the House of the Scorpian Productions he was at the same time there. So after the one shooting we make a second on his sim. And this pictures was the result.

Thank you Angel for this expression *smiles*.

Here is the original link:


House of the Scorpian Production


Another studio has made pictures of me. House of the Scorpian Production.They invited me and make an interview. The people were very relaxed and fine to work with. They shooted the following pictures with me. Thank you Maverick and Vivian for your wonderful work.

The originals are here:


ƻυßɣ ƓℓØΘɱ ØƦɣℓ


Today I want to catch up something what had me very impressed. It was the shooting I had with Zuby. We caught on a porn party and make a term for a shooting. When the time comes Zuby ask me to sit down on a poseball. So far so good. But then I was surprised because I never saw like this before. Zuby take over the controls over my limbs and pose them perfectly like she needed on the set. What has become I want to show you.

Thank you Zuby for this experience. I hope to work with you again.

The original picture is here:


Sony Vegas: Movie Studio 13 Platinum

Hello everybody.

If some of you want to use a product from the Sony Vegas family and could need some help with it I can give you a hint. On my researches on the web I found a very nice homepage with a plenty of tutorials. It calls:

As a user of Movie Studio 13 Platinum it was an excellent help. The videos allows me very easy to work with it. Maybe you must search in the list of all tutorials but it is worth it.
Just try.